Customer Success Coordinator

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | Q4Launch | Full-time


Customer Success Coordinator

The Customer Success Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that Q4Launch customers are having an amazing customer experience and are achieving great results! This individual is the day-to-day contact for the customers they manage and is responsible for leading all communication, project management, and customer service with the support of the rest of the Q4Launch Marketing Team.

This person should be customer-focused, detail-oriented, and must possess great written and verbal communication abilities. They need to be highly adaptable to a constantly changing marketing world and should always be looking for opportunities to grow, evolve, and improve processes to increase efficiency.

This is a full-time position requiring a Bachelor's degree. 1-2 years of relevant experience preferred.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Project Management

  • Working with customers to identify their business goals and communicating those goals with the Marketing team
  • Collaborating with the Marketing, Support, Development, Design, and Content teams to ensure project deadlines are met and all deliverables are executed on behalf of the customer
  • Communicating with customers about project progress, following up on outstanding items, and discussing solution options

Customer Communication/Support

  • Managing onboarding of new customers
  • Nurturing ongoing relationships to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention
  • Reviewing marketing calendars with customers and advising on changes to make to marketing strategy throughout the year
  • Delivering Partnership Impact Reviews, and advise customers on performance improvement plans when necessary
  • Delivering exceptional customer experience through prompt & proactive communication
  • Asking for customer referrals when appropriate
  • Listening for new opportunities with existing customers, discuss contract changes and make decisions with the customers about what services are needed to meet business goals

Website Management

  • Guiding new website design, development, and launch
  • Coordinating website revisions and development projects across teams